Posted on : May 31, 2016
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Who doesn’t love finding bits of colorful glass hiding in the sand at the beach? Worn down by the abrasive movement of the sand and water, broken bits of glass are transformed into lovely keepsakes that feel so nice your hand and against your skin. But don’t worry if you can’t make it to the beach soon. This project will show you a few simple techniques to transform old glass bottles into tumbled treasures.


  • eye protection
  • heavy gloves
  • rubber gloves
  • dust mask or respirator
  • Clean glass bottles
  • hammer
  • heavy plastic bag
  • rock tumbler or plastic container with lid
  • coarse grit rock polishing abrasive (available at hardware store)
  • dish soap
  • drill with diamond tipped drill bit (2mm is good)
  • shallow plastic container with sponge or bubble wrap at bottom
  • etchall® Dip ‘N Etch
  • plastic cup
  • jewelry wire – 20 gauge
  • large marker or dowel (for wrapping wire around)
  • jewelry pliers – cutters, chain nose or round nose
  • necklace cord with clasp


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