Zen Quilts
Reviewed By Cindi Bisson
Zentangle® inspires yet another art form with this book by Pat Ferguson. She shares with you the basics of creating a Zentangle® pattern for your quilt squares, theZen Quilts 1 supplies needed for creating your own unique quilt,  as well as information on how to set up your sewing machine, stitching, basic quilting, and even creating a hanger to display your Zen Quilt.
Zentangle® pattern examples are included to assist with your design phase, as well as a variety of Zen Quilts, some featuring color, some in basic black & white to show you the delicate details this style of quilting can help you achieve. This is a true “workbook” for the creation of a Zen Quilt, rather than a project based guide.  It gives you the knowledge you need to create something unique, in your own Zentangle® style.
Paperback.  35 Pages.  Publisehd by Design Originals – www.d-originals.com. MSRP is $18.99.