How To Write A Bestselling Craft BookPacked with pertinent advice, spiced with Mark Montano’s sense of humor, How to Write a Best Selling Craft Book by Mark Montano could also be called THE MUST HAVE GUIDE FOR ANYONE WANTING TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN WRITING  A CREATIVE BOOK!  (Well, yes, I know that’s a lousy title option, but I think it’s TRUE.)
The advice Mark shares in this book is priceless.  He opens his mind and guides you through the process from conceptualizing the book, to writing the proposal, to successfully marketing the finished product.  It’s the ultimate how-to for anyone considering delving into the world of DIY book writing.
Mark truly challenged me to begin to take a good long look at my creative style, and try to define it more clearly.  His advice will inspire you to do the same, even if a book proposal isn’t in your future – Mark has made me a believer that defining your creative style to market yourself in the creative industry is essential.
Not only is the book full of extremely helpful information, Mark also shares actual samples of two book proposals he submitted and has successfully had published. How can you better guide a reader through a process than sharing your own successful versions? Each proposal is professionally written, yet also lets Mark’s vibrant and humorous personality show through. I truly admire the fact that he is not afraid to be himself and his enthusiasm is infectious. Mark Montano is proof that you can be yourself, don’t have to try to fit into a pre-conceived mold, and can be hugely successful in the creative world, and now he shares his wisdom to help others further their creative careers.
How to Write a Best Selling Craft Book is a book I will definitely refer to again and again as I begin my journey into the world of writing books for publication, and I think it’s well worth the investment for anyone considering giving it a try for themselves.
You can purchase How to Write a Best Selling Craft Book at for your Kindle eReader here or click here to purchase a PDF.