classic chain mail jewelry

Reviewed by Cindi Bisson

chainmail twist 2This companion book to her first book, Classic Chain Mail Jewelry takes you into the next level of chain mail jewelry.  Sue Ripsch’s first books spells out the basics and teaches the reader how to begin. Classic Chain Mail Jewelry With a Twist delves beyond the basics. The author shares how to make your own jump rings, and discusses aspect ratio. Then she jumps into projects ranging from beginner weaves to quite complex designs. Stepped-out instructions and full-color photos, including alternately colored rings to highlight where the new rings are in each step, guide the reader through the projects.  Gemstones and crystals are sprinkled into some of the designs adding a pop of color.

 chain mail twist 3I successfully made myself a pair of earrings following the instructions in her first book, and while I may not be ready to tackle her intricately advanced designs, this new book inspires me to try something a bit more complicated. I think my next attempt at chain mail may be this Zigzag bracelet, which as the author notes, would make a great charm bracelet base.

Classic Chain Mail Jewelry With a Twist by Sue Ripsch is published by Kalmbach Books.  MSRP for this 95 page paperback book is $21.95. Visit to learn about their vast assortment of creative art books!