Tila Beads book cover
Reviewed by Cindi Bisson
Tila™ beads are a unique style of bead created by MIYUKI Co., Ltd.  Author Alice Korach shares information on materials and basic knots, crimping, and a basic bead guide, then she delves into the projects themselves.  There are an assortment of necklaces, a keychain and an ornament all incorporating these unique Tila™ beads and other very delicate beads.  Each project is unique and very detailed in composition.  There is a lot going on with these pieces, and they are an art form all their own.
As someone without an advanced knowledge of beading, while beautiful, the projects seem to be a bit complicated. However, Alice gives you step-by-step instructions and diagrams for completing each project, so if you are up for a challenge, I think you could master the skills needed to achieve good results.  
If you enjoy beading and are comfortable working with very delicate, intricate beads and stitches, then the projects in Tila Beads – Bracelets & Necklaces with 2-Hole Tile-Shaped Beads will definitely appeal to you and inspire you to try creating the projects within.
Tila Beads – Bracelets & Necklaces with 2-Hole Tile-Shaped Beads by Alice Korach is published by Design Originals – www.d-originals.com.  Paperback, 51 pages.  MSRP is $16.99