As someone who is challenged when it comes to knitting with needles, Arm & Finger Knitting by Laura Strutt intrigued me. At last, maybe I have found a way to use all those luscious, textured, colorful yarns that have been calling my name from the craft stores for all these years.   
Laura begins by sharing information on the basic tools needed (other than arms and fingers!) and then she shares the knowledge you need to know to master different basic techniques and skills needed for both arm and finger knitting. She even shares a great technique for making your own yarn out of t-shirts!   There is also information about yarn suppliers at the end of the book. 
Next, she delves into the 35 projects themselves. There are wearable projects, as well as a good variety of projects for the home. Beyond scarves, shawls and pillows, there are unexpected projects like stool covers, tea cozies, tote bags, baskets and purses. I especially love the dimension, chunkiness and texture of the pieces that are arm knit, yet I’m also anxious to try a few of the more delicate finger knit projects like the cute little bath mat. Arm and Finger Knitting Bathmat
 The instructions seem clear and easy to follow, and I am also tempted by the possibility of creating something unique and hand-made (well, arm and finger made!) in less time than traditional knitting.  Stay tuned…because I definitely plan to try some of them myself and will be sharing my results in future Cindi’s Simple Solutions articles!  
Arm & Finger Knitting by Laura Strutt is published by RPS and CICO Books, Inc. Softcover, 112 pages.  MSRP  $19.95