Pom Pom Shelf Elf Hero

Create this adorable pom-pom elf to add to your Christmas decor. He can sit anywhere and pop up anywhere! Our Pom Pom elf gives a whole new meaning to “elf on a shelf.” Great craft to do with a group of friends to bring on some holiday cheer! Note: You can also make the female elf in red. Just trade out the colors on the supply list to red. For her hair, use red and white bakers twine.


Project Materials

  • Clover Needlecraft
  • Large Peg Doll Body
  • Acrylic paint
    • Green
    • White
    • Brown
  • Green Yarn
  • Green Felt
  • Green Pipe Cleaner
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Stylus
  • Paint Brush