Sparkling Valentine Hearts Door Swag
Designed by Cindi Bisson
Decorate your home for the “Season of Love” with this Sparkling Valentine Hearts Door Swag.

The pre-stiffened FanciFelt™ is perfect for this type of project as it prevents your pieces from drooping forward when hanging.  

  1. Trace, print or draw heart template 6 1/2” at widest point.   Trace three times onto white glitter FriendlyFelt™, twice onto red glitter FriendlyFelt™, and once onto Twinkle Heart Hot Pink FanciFelt™.  Cut out.
  2. On one white heart, stencil JudiKins Splash stencil with DecoArt® Dazzling Diamonds® silver paint.  Let dry.
  3. Cut arrow center about 1” (7 rows of the diamonds) from Dazzling Diamonds Self-Adhesive sheet.  Back with white FriendlyFelt™.  Add tails to one end, backing with additional strip of dazzling diamonds.  Make two slits in center of red heart and insert arrow.  Add heart pointer, backing with additional heart.
  4. Cut 3 lengths of ribbon at varying lengths (longest piece approximately 16”). Using Fabri-Tac™, mount each piece of ribbon to top center of two white hearts and one red. Mount each heart with ribbon to back of each decorated heart.
  5. Tie 3 hearts together at top of ribbons.  Add ribbon bow to top.

Sparkling Valentine Heart Door Swag steps