London Window

Designed by Cindi Bisson

Memories of a London visit are displayed in a repurposed window.


  • Repurposed window – with loose paint removed and windows cleaned
  • Photos
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Westcott®  TrimAir Premium Titanium Paper Trimmer, 12″ wide
  • etchall® Etching Cream and Designer Tip Kit
  • DecoArt® Glass Paint Marker™ – white
  • AdTech® hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • Paper towels



  1. Measure the panes of your vintage/repurposed window.  Print photos for each pane of the window.   Trim with Westcott® TrimAir Trimmer.
  2. My printer would not allow for printing the photos as large as the window panes, so I layered my photos onto scrapbook paper cut to the exact window size.
  3. Select font for window writing and print in desired size.  Tape to back of window.  Apply Etchall® etching cream using Designer Tip Kit over the letters.
  4. Allow etchall® cream to set 15 minutes, then return cream to jar for later use and clean window.
  5. On back of window, add small lines and dots with white DecoArt paint pen to highlight each etched letter and number.
  6. Mount photos to back of glass in each pane using AdTech hot glue to hold in place.

Now every night at dinner we can enjoy our “View of London” and remember the fun we had exploring all it had to offer!

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