Spring Butterfly Magnets Small
Designed by Cindi McGee
Brighten up your kitchen for springtime with these pretty butterfly magnets.  This paisley felt from Kunin™ matches my kitchen and seemed like a perfect choice. A bit of Connie Crystal bling adds a touch of sparkle.




  1. Depending on how many finished magnets you want to make, use the Big Shot™ and die to cut an equal number of paisley and yellow butterflies.  
  2. Cut piece of wire approximately 2 1/2” long, bend ends upward. Cover yellow butterfly with Fabri-Tac. Place bended wire over upper wings.  
  3. Place paisley butterfly over yellow butterfly and let dry. Bend wings slightly upward. 
  4. Create antennae with wire, use 527 Adhesive to glue to top of head.  
  5. Cut strip of white crystals and use 527 to glue to center of body.  
  6. Cut small square of magnet and mount to bottom of butterfly.

Spring Butterfly Magnets How Small