Soot Background Technique

Soot backgrounds are perfect for a dusky sky background on your Halloween cards or scrapbook layouts. They also make for an unusual backdrop for any stamped image.


  • White glossy card stock
  • Candle
  • Rubber Stamps
  • Dye-based ink pad
  • Paper towels/tissues
Soot Card How To
Soot Card How To


Cut a piece of glossy white card stock to desired size.

Light candle.

Hold GLOSSY side of card stock over flame (keep it moving…), close enough so flame will create soot on card stock, but not close enough to burn through card stock (practice is the key…..).

Gently wipe away soot with soft paper towel or tissue.

Ink stamp (black is my preferred ink color for this technique) and stamp onto dusky background.

Created by Cindi McGee