Snow Day Jar
Designed by Cindi Bisson
This wintry project, my Snow Day Survival Gift Jar, would be a fun surprise for a child’s teacher, a friend that’s a teacher, or for anyone who needs a fun break from the seemingly endless winter weather these days! Give them the gift of some hot drinks to warm them while they watch a movie and munch on popcorn through a blustery winter day. Substitute your “filling” as needed to make a surprise for someone of any age. When they are finished with the treats inside, they’ve still got a pretty jar to hold other treasures. 
1) Follow manufacturer instructions to cut multiple snowflakes from Etchmask using Artisan X-plorer™ and snowflake dies.   Apply snowflakes to jar.
2) Apply coat of Etchall® etching cream over snowflakes and jar surface.  Let set 15 minutes, return cream to jar.
3) Wash and dry jar. 
4) Apply Diamond Glaze to lower portion of etched jar and add Roxs™ to mimic icy snow at base of jar. 
Snow Day Jar How-To 1
5) Paint jar lid with Chalky Finish paint.  Let dry.  
6) Cut 1” x 18” strip of baby blue Friendlyfelt™.  Cut in fringe at each end about 1/2”. 
7) Open white Makin’s Clay® and make snowflake using push mold.  Place unused clay in zip lock bag with damp paper towel for later use.  Tip – when push molding embellishments, I usually make several extra to keep on hand for future projects. 

8) Apply coat of Diamond Glaze™ to snowflake, add Roxs™ and let dry.
Snow Day Jar How-To 2
9) Create Snow Day graphic image (2” circle) and Emergency Cash graphic.   Print and cut out.
10) Mount round graphic to lid.  Tie scarf around lid.  Mount clay snowflake to edge of lid as shown. Let dry. 
11) Stuff jar with popcorn packet, hot chocolate packet, tea bags, coffee, and $5 bill with emergency cash image. 
Snow Day Jar How-To 3

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