Paper Easter Basket

Want to leave a little surprise for someone special but don’t have time to dash out to buy an Easter basket? Raid your paper crafting supplies and make this inexpensive little Easter Paper Basket to hold a special treat with just a bit of cardstock and some decorative washi tape.

Add some Easter grass, a couple of home-made cookies, a chocolate rabbit, or some of the ever-famous Marshmallow Peeps and it’s ready to leave on someone’s desk at work, to give to a teacher, or just to surprise someone for fun.

Project Materials

  • 6” x 6” pink Coredinations Cardstock
  • Elmer’s Designer Masking Tape
  • Scor-Pal Scoring Tool
  • Westcott Brand 8” Titanium Bonded Scissors


Measure and cut 6” x 6” piece of cardstock.

Use Scor-Pal to measure in 4” and score a 2” square in center of cardstock.

Paper Easter Basket How 1
Paper Easter Basket How 1

Cut vertically from outside edge to inside scored square on each side of cardstock square. Move scissors approximately 1/4” to each side and cut additional vertical lines, at a slight slant, to center as shown. Determine how wide you want the opening of your basket to be, and cut out triangular sections from each corner of the cardstock to accommodate the finished size wanted. I cut pieces approximately 1 1/4” from point to point vertically (basically, a kite shape 1 1/4” across).

Paper Easter Basket How 2
Paper Easter Basket How 2

Measure and cut pieces of washi tape to fit each side, weave in and out between strips of cardstock on each side until finished. (3 pieces for each side used on this basket.)

Add strips of washi tape vertically along seams of each basket side inside basket to help hold in place.

Add strip of washi tape around entire outer top edge, overlapping front and inside of basket,.

Paper Easter Basket How 3
Paper Easter Basket How 3

Create basket handle by placing two strips of tape back to back and mounting ends to inside of basket at opposite sides.