Metallic Touches Pendant Hero

Black polymer clay, metal frames, texture sheets, rubber stamps and metallic inks in contrasting colors are combined to create a unique “metallic touches” pendant.

Project Materials


Metallic Touches Pendant
Metallic Touches Pendant How To

Roll black clay using Ultimate Clay Machine set on #7. Cut square from rolled clay using 1 ½” square Clay Cutter. Let dry. Roll black clay using Ultimate Clay Machine set on #5. Use 1 ½” square cutter to cut black clay square.

Place black square over dry square and use fingers to gently fold edges of black clay square over dry square. (Note – Photo shows natural clay square being wrapped with black clay for easier viewing.)

Place pre-cut square of patterned paper onto back of clay. Open Memory Frame, insert clay square and paper. Close frame. Flip over, gently push any clay extending out of center space onto metal frame back toward center.

Ink stamp with metallic ink. Decide where you’d like your image placed on square, and rotate frame if needed. Stamp inked stamp in center of square, pressing lightly to transfer texture of image to clay.

Apply Texture Sheet diagonally to four corners of stamped image top texture corners.

Lightly rub contrasting metallic ink pad over textured corners.

Mount onto a contrasting metallic chain, ribbon, or decorative fibers.

Designed by Cindi McGee