Bloom Etched Glass Vase
Designed by Cindi Bisson
Cindi uses Resist Gel, Etchall Etching Cream and stencils to create a unique etched glass vase for summer flowers.
  • Glass vase
  • Etchall® Etching Cream
  • Etchall® Resist Gel
  • Etchall® Designer Tip Kit
  • Alphabet stickers
  • DecoArt® PatioPaint Home & Garden Stencils
  • Westcott® Self-Healing Mat to keep work area clean
  • Foam brush, small paint brush
Step 1:  Spell out “BLOOM” on vase with alphabet stickers as shown.
Step 2:  Fill bottle from Designer Tip Kit with Etchall Resist Gel, add finest tip.
Step 3:  With vase on Write out “where you are planted” beneath BLOOM stickers.
Step 4:  Let writing begin to dry clear (this will reduce risk of smearing during the next step).
Step 5:  Place flower/fern stencil onto vase in desired location.  Use paintbrush to apply thin coat of Resist Gel over stencil.
Step 6:  Carefully lift stencil and repeat with additional stencils until all desired images are on vase.
Step 7:  Let dry until Resist Gel is completely clear.
Step 8:  Use foam brush to apply Etchall Etching Cream to each side of vase.  Let set 15 minutes, then remove cream and place back into bottle.   Rinse vase to remove remaining etching cream.