Rustic Rudolph Burlap Wreath
Designed by Cindi Bisson 
  1. Fold end of burlap garland in half.  Insert through inner ring of wire wreath frame.  Use wire to hold in place. 
  2. Push loop of burlap ribbon up through first inner ring space, then up through middle ring space, and the up through outer ring space.  Turn wreath over. 
  3. Push loops together.  Twist end of ribbon on outside ring, bring down and push back through bottom inner ring space, then up through middle and then up through outer, repeat until wreath is covered.
  4. Cut ribbon and use wire to tie in place on outer ring.
  5. Coat Smoothfoam™ ball with Diamond Glaze, pour red fine glitter to cover ball.  Let dry. 
  6. Coat glittered ball with second coat of Diamond Glaze.  
  7. Cut two branches for antlers. 
  8. Wire in place on back of wreath.  
  9. Use Tacky Glue to mount nose to bottom center of wreath. 
  10. Tie bow, wire to bottom center of wreath beneath nose. 
  11. Add wire loop at top center to hang wreath.  
Rustic Rudolph Wreath How-To