Day of the Dead Earrings
Designed by Cindi Bisson
Projects celebrating the Day of the Dead are growing in popularity!  Wear these bright and colorful skull & rose earrings and you’ll be right in style.
  • 2 Gold fishhook earrings
  • 2 Gold headpins
  • Blumenthal Lansing Flower Garden buttons – Red Roses
  • 16 Connie Crystal white jasper beads – approximately 3 mm
  • 4 Connie Crystal turquoise crystal beads – approximately 4 mm
  • The Beadery Carnival Skull Beads – Turquoise
  • Jewelry Pliers
  1. Place one white jasper bead, followed by one turquoise crystal bead, one Carnival Skull Bead, and one turquoise crystal bead on each gold headpin.
  2. Place four white jasper beads on each headpin, followed by one rose button and three white jasper beads.
  3. Use jewelry pliers to create loop at end of headpins, attach to fishhook earrings.
 Day of the Dead Earrings How-To