Countdown to Christmas Nightshirt

Create a quick and easy Countdown to Christmas nightshirt or t-shirt for a favorite little one. Present it with a fabric marker to mark off the days, or a whole set of fabric markers for them to decorate it with, and let the fun begin! They can just mark off the days, or draw their own fun holiday picture in each of the squares as they count down until the night when Santa will arrive! Then they can wear it to bed on Christmas eve.

nightshirt countdown 1
Nightshirt Countdown How 1

Project Material

  • Tulip® Fabric Markers™ 
  • White cotton t-shirt, size small
  • Ruler


1. Wash and dry t-shirt.

2. Measure down approximately 2” from neck collar of t-shirt.

3. Use green Tulip® fabric marker and ruler to make first line, 8 1/2” long, horizontally, centered on t-shirt.   Measure down 1 1/2”, over 1/2” from left end of line, and repeat until 6 lines are made.  The Get-it-Straight™ laser square makes it easier to ensure that your ruler is straight before you make your lines, and aids in ensuring the distance between each line is the same.

4. Rotate shirt. Continue with 6 more lines to create blocks. Close off left side of calendar to create 1/2” border.

Nightshirt Countdown How 2
Nightshirt Countdown How 2

5. Use red Tulip® marker to add numbers and lettering. If desired, draw holiday images around outside of calendar, or include a whole set of fabric markers and let your little one draw their own fun pictures.

Nightshirt Countdown 3
Nightshirt Countdown How 3

This Countdown to Christmas Nightshirt was designed by Cindi McGee.