Burlap Door Monogram

Designed by Cindi Bisson

Cindi shares an idea for an eye-catching front door decoration, a burlap door monogram, with a bit of a rustic feel.

Project Materials

  • BurlapFabric.com
    • 3 1/2” wide burlap ribbon
    • Burlap
      • Plain
      • Red
  • Beacon Adhesives
    • Fabri-Tac
  • DecoArt®
    • Americana® Paint
      • Foliage Green
  • Sizzix®
    • Big Shot
    • Eileen Hull Flower 3D Wrapped die
    • Tropical Leaves die
  • Westcott
    • Titanium Bonded Scissors
  • Self-Healing Mat
  • Bamboo stick
  • Pins
  • Jute
  • Foam Brush
  • Yellow Flower Head Pins
Burlap Door Monogram - part 1


Note – Instructions are to make the “M” as shown – adjust your measurements, etc. as needed to make the letter you want. 
  1. Cut two pieces of burlap ribbon 10” long, and 2 about 8” long.
  2. Fold over top of edge of each 10” piece to crease.  Add Fabri-Tac adhesive to top edge, fold down to adhere and make loop for bamboo stick.
  3. Add pins to hold tab in place while glue dries.
  4. Determine angle at which you would like the center of your “M” to be.  Glue first 8” strip at an angle from about center top of loop. Repeat on second piece.
  5. Cut off any fabric extending off outer edge of long pieces.
  6. Add Fabri-Tac to bottom center of one piece of inside ribbon.  Mount second piece over so corners meet and create a clean point to your “M”.
  7. Add bamboo stick, if desired add jute to hang.

Part 2 – Building the Flowers

Burlap Door Monogram - part 2


  1. From red burlap, cut 15 large flowers  and 6 small using Flower 3D Wrapped die. and Big Shot.
  2. Add Fabri-Tac to one edge of one large flower.  Bring second edge together and mount to create first whole flower.
  3. Flip over flower. Add Fabri-Tac to both straight edges on second and third flowers.   Mount second over first so two straight edges do not meet, about 1/4” from center hole on first flower.  Repeat with third flower, opposite second flower. Repeat with 4th and 5th flowers, alternating direction from 2nd and 3rd, to create a uniform flower.
  4. Add glue to one edge of first small flower, bring edges together to create flower.  Add glue to bottom and insert into center of large flower.
  5. To create middle, add glue to top edge of small flower, tightly wind and twist to create coiled flower, then add adhesive to second edge and mount to coiled flower.  Mount to center of flower over first small flower.
  6. From regular burlap, cut 5 large leaves with Tropical Leaves die and Big Shot.
  7. Paint each leaf, front and back. with DecoArt Americana Foliage Green paint.  Let dry.
  8. Stack 3 yellow flower head pins to create a row of 3 vertically.  Add small amount of adhesive and insert pins into center of flower to create stamen.
  9. Repeat steps 1-5, and 8, to create 2 more flowers for a total of 3.
  10. Use Fabri-Tac to mount finished flowers, and leaves, on upper left corner of “M”.