autumn memory frame

Designed by Cindi Bisson

Clay, rubber stamps and other embellishments come together to create this charming Autumn Memory Frame.


  • 15×15” Wooden scrapbook frame
  • Brick red acrylic paint (
  • Antique Gold (non-metallic) acrylic paint (
  • Crackle medium (
  • Shimmer Translucent (
  • Makin’s Clay – browns, greens, reds, yellows (
  • Makin’s Clay leaf mold
  • Leaf rubber stamp
  • Paper alphabet stencils (small size on sample found in home improvement store)
  • Chipboard lettering in 2 sizes
  • Brown gingham ribbon
  • Textured “grass” background paper
  • Brick red, brown textured, and pearlized gold cardstock (Paper Accents)
  • Faux clay alphabet embellishments (pre-made, or make your own using Makin’s Clay and alphabet rubber stamps.)
  • Paper trimmer
  • Scissors
  • Elmer’s Craft Bond Adhesive (
  • E-6000 Adhesive
  • 3 photos, approximately 5×7”


Instructions for embellishing frame:

  1. Use brush to apply a coat of brick red paint to entire frame.  Let dry.
  2. Use brush to apply a layer of crackle medium according to manufacturer instructions.
  3. When crackle medium is ready (according to manufacturer instructions) use brush to apply a coat of antique gold paint.  Let dry.  Crackle will cause brick red paint from beneath to show through in crackled areas.
  4. Spell out “Season” using 2 sizes of chipboard lettering (“S” is larger chipboard).  Paint with brick red paint.  Let dry.  Apply crackle medium, following manufacturer instructions.  Then apply antique gold paint and let dry.  Set aside.
  5. Mix small amounts of Makin’s Clay together to create slightly marbled colors.  Clay blends easily to create desired shades.  Or, add drops of acrylic paint and mix into clay to achieve desired color.
  6. Press marbled clay onto outside top and side edge of upper left corner and bottom right corner of frame.
  7. While clay is still soft, gently press leaf rubber stamp to create leaf texture.  Let clay air dry according to manufacturer instructions.
  8. Press marbled clay into leaf mold to create desired leaves.  Carefully remove from mold by twisting mold and lifting out clay leaves.  Let dry according to manufacturer instructions (approximately 24 hours to be completely dry – leaves can be made ahead of time if desired).
  9. Once clay is dry, use fingertips to apply a coat of EarthSafe Finishes golden Shimmer Translucent over entire frame (including clay) and over each dry clay leaf.  Let dry.
  10. Cut 2 strips of brown gingham ribbon approximately 4” long.  Dovetail cut the ends (to create a “v.”
  11. Mount strips of ribbon on front of frame in upper left corner as shown.
  12. Arrange leaves as desired in upper left and bottom right corner of frame, mount using E-6000 Adhesive.  Let dry.

autumn memory frame leaves

Instructions for layout:

  1. Cut textured grass paper into 3 ½” x 15” borders.  Mount to top and bottom edges of backing board for frame.
  2. Cut brick red cardstock to create 8 ½” x 15 background and mount in center of backing piece.
  3. Cut two strips of 15” brown gingham ribbon, mount over seams in textured paper and brick red cardstock.
  4. Place each photo on gold pearlized cardstock and cut photo mat approximately 1/8-1/4” on all sides.
  5. Lay gold mat onto brown textured cardstock, cut mat approximately ¼” larger on all sides.
  6. Arrange photos as shown, slightly overlapping, and mount to background.
  7. Arrange “Season” lettering and mount as shown.
  8. Spell out “FUN” with small stencil letters.  Paint with brick red paint and let dry.
  9. Cut 6” piece of brown gingham ribbon.  Cut “v” notch in bottom edge.  Mount over bottom right photo on outside edge as shown.
  10. Layer and mount painted “FUN” stencils over ribbon so ribbon shows through opening in stencil.
  11. Add faux clay “of” lettering and additional Makin’s Clay leaves as desired.
  12. Assemble frame according to manufacturer instructions.