StencilGirl Houses stencil
  • Quality
    • We use 7 mil mylar; a plastic film that is heat resistant. Our stencils are thick enough to be strong and long lasting, yet thin enough to provide a seamless look in your art.
  • Versatility
    • You can use our stencils on fabric, canvas, paper, or walls with paint, texture mediums, wax, pencil, marker, or thread. Stencil Girl Products’ stencils can even be used for encaustic painting! Because the stencils are heat resistant, you can clean them on your hot palette. Also use them for rubbings, or as templates for drawing, incising, or stitching.
  • Design Variety
    • Our diverse team of artists virtually guarantees that you will find the most unique designs available. We add new stencils to our lineup every month.


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