Taco Party

In our house we call Taco Parties “dinner.” Yes, we’re a bit addicted to Mexican food living in Southern California. On the other hand, Mark LaFerney, who lives in Chicago, knows how to turn upRead More →

Painted Antler Rack

Mark LaFerney has had two deer antlers leftover from an installation he did many years ago. He’s used them for decorative purposes over the years, especially at Christmas time, but he’s always wanted to doRead More →

Moon Lamp

Mark LaFerney wanted some additional soft lighting in his bedroom. So, instead of purchasing a lamp, he decided to make this Moon Lamp using Mod Podge and FolkArt paint. Nothing says goodnight quite like theRead More →

Carnation Candy Box Arrangement

Are you celebrating Valentine’s Day this month? Mark LaFerney shows you how to create a lovely Carnation Candy Box Arrangement that would be perfect for your celebration. See how he did it here.Read More →