Sunstone Wine Cork Clock

We were up in the Santa Ynez Valley wine tasting several weeks ago and, at our last stop, Sunstone Winery, we were tasting when we realized that the pouring team was wrapping up for theRead More →

Bunny Planter

I was heading in to Trader Joe’s one day and spied small succulents in round pots outside the entrance. I had been wanting to make an Easter-themed kids craft and thought one of these wouldRead More →

Upscaled Succulent Planter

I recently acquired a selection of Martha Stewart Home Decor Paints and a Pattern Roller. After fantasizing about decorating the walls of my apartment, I came to my senses and settled on this idea toRead More →

Caned Hearts Necklace

I’ve been experimenting with clay canes lately. I designed this necklace a while back as a Christmas/Birthday gift for a friend. I thought the design might work for a Valentine’s Day-themed piece. So I wentRead More →