Amazing Origami Boxes

Origami boxes…how difficult could they be? Plenty! Tomoko Fuse first encountered origami at seven years old while in the hospital. She eventually became known as the “Queen of modular origami.” She has produced over 2000Read More →

Super Simple Hand Lettering cover

In this age of computer-generated lettering, in almost any style you can imagine, the art of hand lettering seems to have been forgotten, at least by me. I’ve watched other, very talented, artists create reallyRead More →

Let’s Get Creative with Markers cvr

It’s my guess that most of you creatives out there have at least a small collection of markers among your stash. If so, you need Let’s Get Creative with Markers! In very concise and easy-to-understandRead More →

Stone Painting for Kids

Stone painting is experiencing a renaissance. From simple line drawings to elaborate designs, artists of all ages are diving into stone painting with gusto. To help kids get the hang of this colorful craft, F.Read More →