Pink and Granite Drop Earrings Hero

Pink and Granite Drop Earrings

Having seen similar renditions online and having someone in my life who is very fond of pink,
I decided to try my hand at creating these sparkling earrings.

One note: I found that cutting the holes near the edges
led to cracking which needed to be repaired before baking.

Project Materials

  • Sculpey Polymer Clay 
  • Silver-plated Components
    • Four 3/8” Split Rings
    • Two Earring Studs
  • Aleene’s Embellishing Glue

Project Tools

  • Clay Conditioning Machine
  • Naturescapes Studio Hole Punch
  • Jewelry Pliers
  • Clay Oven
  • Work Tiles

Project Instructions

Condition and roll out each clay color using the widest setting on your clay conditioner.

Pink and Granite Drop Earrings #1
Pink and Granite Drop Earrings #1

Cut Two 3/4” circles from the Granite clay sheet.

Cut two 1-1/4” half circles from the Pink Glitter clay sheet.

Cut two 1-1/2” half circles from the Ballerina clay sheet.

Cut one hole near the edge of each of the Granite circles.

Cut two holes centered near the flat edge and the rounded edge in each of the Pink Glitter half-circles.

Cut one hole centered near the flat edge of each Ballerina half-circle.

Bake all pieces at 275º for 45 minutes. Set aside to cool.

Once cooled, use sanding sheets or an electric buffer, smooth out all rough areas.

Pink and Granite Drop Earrings #2

Glue one earring stud to each granite circle as shown using Aleene’s Jewel-It Embellishment Glue.

Pink and Granite Drop Earrings #3

Using your jewelry pliers attach the Pink Glitter and Ballerina half-circles as shown using 3/8” split rings.

Pink and Granite Drop Earrings #4

Attach the assembled half-circles to the Granite circle using 3/8″ split rings

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