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Review: Crafty Family Ideas

If you’re a parent you should take a look at Crafty Family Ideas, a new book from crafty mom Kristin Gambaccini. Filled with “projects to make, things to bake and lots of homemade(ish) fun,” Crafty Family Ideas is a colorful, inventive collection of kid-friendly craft projects, sweet and savory recipes, and fun and educational family activities.

Eggshell Planting
Crafty Family Ideas: Eggshell Planting

Chapter 1: Spring Break includes projects ranging from Pet Silhouettes to Sidewalk Popsicle Chalk, recipes ranging from Tater Tot Casserole to Dog Treats, and activities ranging from Eggshell Planting to Mommy Daddy Nights.

Crafty Family Ideas: Vacation Travel

Chapter 2: Kicking Off a Creative Summer includes ideas for Vacation Travel, recipes including Homemade(ish) Dr. Cake, and projects including a Lazy Susan Herb Planter.

Crafty Family Ideas: Pumpkin Pie Garland
Crafty Family Ideas: Pumpkin Pie Garland

Chapter 3: Fall-ing Back into Routine includes a sweet Pumpkin Pie Garland project, an idea about getting your kids to pack their own lunch bags and a recipe for Homemade Apple Sauce.

Crafty Family Idea: Mug Sweater

Chapter 4: Crushing the Winter Doldrums features a recipe for Gingie Cookie Kids & Easiest Royal Icing Ever, a cute Mug Sweater project (shown above), and a discussion about Gift Wrap Matters.

Gambaccini, the mother of eight, has filled Crafty Family Ideas with helpful illustrations and great photography, especially the adorable photos of her kids participating in many of the above-mentions projects, recipes and activities.

Crafty Family Ideas is a publication of Fox Chapel Publishing and has a MSRP of $16.99 US and $20.99 CAN.

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