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Peanuts® Origami

I don’t know about you, but I grew up being mesmerized by all things Peanuts. Whether in the newspaper or on television, Peanuts was (and is) a sweet reminder of when we lived in a more simple, civilized world.  My dad loved Snoopy and Woodstock and, because he did, so did I. My dad’s been gone for a few years so the arrival of Peanuts Origami was a warm reminder of him.

Filled with more than twenty paper-folding projects featuring Charlie Brown and the gang, Peanuts Origami also features original cartoons and a slew of fun quizzes about the cartoon and the whole gang.

Each project is thoroughly detailed and illustrated
Each project is thoroughly detailed and illustrated

As any good guidebook on origami should, Peanuts Origami starts off with “How-To Basics,” where you will learn the basics of paper folding, including a new concept (at least for me)…Inflating Models. My first attempt was a 3D representation of Charlie Brown himself.

My Attempts

Let’s just say I need much more practice. (Included are two copies of each folding paper, so that’s a good thing!) Breath easy, there are four levels of folding difficulty and the book recommends you start with the easy projects to get the hang of it.

Charlie Brown’s crumpled head Snoopy’s Classic Dog House

After getting stalled on Charlie (a “three star project”), I decide to go back and try a “one star” project. Here is my (crumpled) version of Snoopy’s Classic Doghouse. Fear not, there is also a “three star version” of Snoopy’s iconic dog house for those of you with more skilled hands.

Peanuts Trivia

Our Findings

We highly recommend Peanuts Origami, not only for its paper folding projects but for the classic cartoons and the really fun quizzes.

Peanuts® Origami is a publication of Andrews McMeel Publishing with an MSRP of $19.99US (26.99CAN.) It is available in brick-and-mortar and online stores.

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