Sayings and Expressions

Sayings and Expressions: Stained Glass Patterns

I’ve always been interested in stained glass art…everything from European gothic church windows to the amazing work of Frank Lloyd Wright. I even had one of Wright’s windows recreated for the front door of a home I owned.

Those reasons are why I found Anna Croyle’s Sayings and Expressions: Stained Glass Patterns so interesting. Croyle shares forty contemporary designs along with two different styles of letters and numbers that you can use to create your own custom creations. Among the designs provided are “Cat’s Meow,” “Welcome to Paradise,” and “Surf’s Up.” It seems like there are designs that will suit almost anyone. (My favorites are “Tasting Room” and “Gone Camping.”)

The saying and expressions are created to be used at any size. You can reduce them at home using your scanner and/or printer, or enlarge them with a little help from your local copy shop. I have no experience cutting stained glass but I may just be inspired to take another crack at Plaid Enterprises’ Gallery Glass products.

When in Doubt Dance Pattern

Sayings and Expressions: Stained Glass Patterns, a publication of Dover Publications, retails for $9.95US.

Reviewed by Scott Pfeiffer

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