Easy Aircraft Origami

Easy Aircraft Origami

One of the fun projects I enjoyed when I was a kid was the simple act of creating paper airplanes. Fold an eight and a half by eleven inch piece of paper into something that actually flies. Times were simpler then.

Now origami designer Jayson Merrill has published his book of Easy Aircraft Origami filled with photographs and step-by-step drawings and instructions to create fourteen distinctive aircraft – jets, missiles and even UFOs, with names like Hawker, Avenger and Dark Knight that, wait for it…actually fly! 

There are thorough descriptions of symbols and signs used along with folding procedures, all designed with less-experienced folders in mind. I’m pretty confident that readers will enjoy creating these aircraft projects.

Easy Aircraft Origami is a publication of Dover Publications and retails for $7.95 and is available online at Target.com and Amazon.com.

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