3D Paper Craft Cover

3-D Paper Craft

by PingPong: Yoko Ganaha and Piggy Tsujioka

If you’re looking for a fun new craft to try may we suggest you try the projects in 3-D Paper Craft? Filled with 280 pieces crafted from plain white paper, 3-D Paper Craft takes you through all the steps necessary to create a variety of styles from playful to extravagant.

Gift Cards, Chandelier, Flowers and Leaves
Gift Cards, Chandelier, Flowers and Leaves

Beginning with just 80lb white paper and several tools and supplies, you’ll learn how to create objects including decorative letters to animals and letters to three dimensional box-shaped symbols and caricatures. Various techniques are used to create these objects and the included instructions are easy to follow and clearly illustrated.

Skull and Cross Bones, Rose
Skull and Cross Bones, Rose

My one caveat about this collection is that it requires the crafter to enlarge the images before working with them. You’ll need to enlarge them, either at home, or your local copy store.

Bats and Jack O’Lanterns, Box-shaped People and Animals

3-D Paper Craft was originally published 2015 by Graphic-sha Publishing, Limited, as How to Make White 3-D Paper Cutouts from Drawing Paper. This version has been published by Dover Publications in 2020. It is a translated, unabridged republication.

3-D Paper Craft retails for $21.95US and is available in bookstores and online.

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