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The Declutter Challenge

If you’re like me, you have at least one area in your home that suffers from clutter. Whether it’s an office or craft room that everything with nowhere else to go ends up, or a kitchen where you can’t see the countertops, most of us have some sort of area that needs to be decluttered.

Presented by author Cassandra Aarssen, The Declutter Challenge is presented as “A Guided Journal for Getting Your Home Organized in 30 Quick Steps”. Aarssen takes a holistic approach to clutter eradication…Mindfulness, Self-Awareness, Set Goals and Dream Big are but a few of the excellent steps she takes you through before the actual work begins. Once the work begins, you will be guided through each space in your home…bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, living room and so on.

One of my favorite steps is Step 22: Declutter All The Crap That Has No Category. Abandoned school projects, broken appliances, outdated electronics…these are some of the things we have stowed in the closet, piled in the corner and more. Aarssen helps you finally get rid of junk you don’t need or use.

The Declutter Challenge, a Mango Publishing Group publication, retails for $15.95US.

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