Lighted Wine Corks Wreath

Lighted Wine Corks Wreath

Here’s a cute way to bling up your door for the holidays and make use of all of those wine corks collecting dust on your counter. Many of the corks I used were given to me by a winery we once belonged to so I decided to paint them instead of using them as is. Plaid’s new FolkArt Dragonfly Glaze adds a seasonal glimmer and an inexpensive set of LED lights brought the whole project together!

Project Materials


First I empaled each cork with a straightened paper clip. Then I painted each cork with the white acrylic paint and stuck them to the styrofoam base to let them dry. Once dry, I painted each cork with the Dragonfly Glaze and re-stuck them to the styrofoam base to dry.

You can see how the Dragonfly Glaze gives the corks a shimmering appearance that changes as you move around them.

After preparing the corks, I used Power-Tac to randomly attach some of the corks to my floral wreath leaving space between them.

I wrapped my LED lights around the wreath between the corks and turned them on so I could see if they were placed to my liking.

I then glued more corks to fill in some of the gaps.

To create the berry clusters, I steamed corks in a veggie steamer for three minutes and then immediately cut them in quarters. I glued three of each together and painted them with the Cardinal Red acrylic paint.

Once dry, I hot glued the clusters along with small green ornaments, to the wreath.

I used a piece of red ribbon to hang my wreath on my front door, but you can use whatever works for you.

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