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Zentangle® Dingbatz

I have to be honest, I’ve never really been interested in the art of Zentangle. I’m a computer graphics guy and if I’m going to create highly repetitive art, I will copy and paste as much as possible. That being said, I was intrigued with Brian Crimmins’ Zentangle® Dingbatz, a beautifully-illustrated guide for creating and utilizing Dingbatz.

In Crimmin’s own words “Dingbatz combines (the) concept of printer’s ornaments and decorations with the principles of Zentangle to give the artist new ways to incorporate tangles into a variety of projects.” 

Zentangle DingBatz pages

The book begins with a chapter entitled About Zentangle that gives the novice “tangler” a good starting point including the Steps for Classic Zentangle, Supplies and a Chapter 1 Workbook. Chapter 2 is entitled Dingbatz Anatomy covering Surface, Shape Frames, Strings Tangles, Zen-bellishments, some Final Thoughts and another workbook. In fact, each chapter includes a workbook, which I found to be very useful in understanding the mechanics and artistic of Dingbatz. The remaining chapters include Projects, More Ways to Use DingBatz and a Tangle Directory, which I also found very helpful.

Zentangle® Dingbatz is a beautifully-illustrated and photographed guide for creating and utilizing Dingbatz. Whether your a novice or an experience tangler, I think you’ll find something new and interesting to learn from the book.

Zentangle® Dingbatz is a publication of Design Originals, an imprint of Fox Chapel Publishing. It retails for $19.99 US, $24.99 CAN and £14.99 RRP UK.

– Reviewed by Scott Pfeiffer

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