Halloween Witch Card

Smell My Feet Witch Card

I recently obtained an adorable Halloween rubber stamp from my friends at JudiKins, the Smell My Feet Witch stamp, and wanted to feature it on a seasonal card. My creative mind lit up when I decided to color the witch’s dress purple. I searched my card stock and paper supply and came up with my creepy theme.

Project Materials


Halloween Witch Card How 1
Smell My Feet Witch Card How 1

First, I cut the purple card stock to 10″ x 6.5″ and scored it to create a 5″ x 6.5″ card

Halloween Witch Card How 2
Smell My Feet Witch Card How 2

Next I cut a sheet of coordinating purple-patterned scrapbook paper to 4″ x 5″.

Halloween Witch Card How 3
Smell My Feet Witch Card How 3

I stamps several copies of my JudiKins Smell My Feet rubber stamp on white card stock (I stamped several in case I changed my color scheme midway through.)

Halloween Witch Card How 4
Smell My Feet Witch Card How 4

I colored one of the stamped images with acrylic painters – purple for the witch’s dress, yellow for the hat buckle and socks, and green for her hands.

Halloween Witch Card How 5
Smell My Feet Witch Card How 5
Halloween Witch Card How 6
Smell My Feet Witch Card How 6

I attached the patterned paper and the witch image to the card with a tape runner.

Halloween Witch Card How 7
Smell My Feet Witch Card How 7

I used my Gemini to die cut two Fall Foliage shapes using the purple glitter card stock. I think they add to the Halloween vibe.

Halloween Witch Card How 8
Smell My Feet Witch Card How 8

To refine the edges of the patterned paper, I outlined it with the purple maker. I attached the die cuts to the card using Tacky Glue.

Designed by Scott Pfeiffer

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