Pumpkin Magnets

Pumpkin Magnets

We’re all guilty of it – collecting bits of this and that on our refrigerators! Photos, school projects, newspaper articles, appointment reminders…Why not create some seasonal pumpkin magnets to hold it all in place?

Project Materials


Custom mixing shades of Makin’s Clay is easy – whether you use their Clay Mixing Ruler, or acrylic paint – a rainbow of shades can be achieved.

Pumpkin Magnets Step Out
Pumpkin Magnets Step Outs
  1. Add approximately 1/2 teaspoon of Pumpkin orange acrylic paint to 60 grams of white clay.
  2. For easier, less messy, blending and mixing, place into zip lock bag. Massage to thoroughly mix paint into clay.
  3. Roll clay with hand roller to approximately 1/4” thick.
  4. Cut 6 pumpkins with pumpkin cutter.
  5. Roll olive green clay to approximately 1/4” thick. Using top of pumpkin cutter, cut 6 stem sections.
  6. Use blade to remove orange stem from each pumpkin. Use blade to cut green stem and mount to pumpkin.
  7. Use point tool on handle to draw “grooves” in each pumpkin. I allowed my grooves to be someone jagged and irregular rather than smooth lines.
  8. Fill Ultimate Clay Extruder with olive clay and very small hole disc. Extrude clay.
  9. Mount extruded clay to stem on each pumpkin, coiling some pieces to create vines.
  10. Use fingertip to apply Metallic Lustre to pumpkins. Let clay dry.
  11. Mount magnets to back of each pumpkin with Beacon Tacky Glue.

Designed by Cindi McGee

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