The Glaminator

Glaminator 3-in-1 Laminator

Xyron® just introduced The Glaminator™, their new 3-in-1 laminator, and When Creativity Knocks was asked to give it a test run.

The Glaminator allows you to add foil to your paper projects. You can bling greeting cards, handmade gifts, invitations, business cards and more. And the Glaminator has three settings… Cold Lamination – to use with self-adhesive or pressure sensitive pouches; Thermal Lamination – to use standard lamination pouches; and Foil Lamination, the setting we used in our tests, so the Glaminator is multi-purpose.

To use the foil setting you’ll need a personal laser printer. Why? When you print your design on a laser printer, it applies toner to the paper or cardstock you’re using. The Glaminator then adheres the foil to the printed toner by melting the two together. The result is a beautiful, shiny finish.

Our Test

Laser-printed cardstock
Printed cardstock and transfer foil in carrier
Carrier running through Glaminator

We experimented with the Glaminator by creating art for a birthday card. After designing and printing the artwork on paper, we ran it through the Glaminator with gold foil over the cake image in the supplied carrier. After letting the carrier cool to the touch, we removed the paper and foil, peeled back the foil and revealed this custom foil design.

Foil laminated cardstock

Beware…if you don’t cover all of the  toner on the sheet, the uncovered portion will also melt and leave some residue on the carrier. And please follow the directions carefully. We managed to misfeed the carrier, which came out with a crease in it.

Cardstock, 5″ x 6-1/2″ card and scrapbook paper for border

Our Conclusion

Even with our errors, we really had fun using this tool.

"Glaminated" Birthday Card
“Glaminated” Birthday Card

The Glaminator comes with one roll of gold metallic transfer foil for $119.99. Sets of 3 metallic foils, including gold, silver and copper, are $14.99 and sets of 5 color metallic foils, including light green, aqua, violet, light pink and red, are $24.99. For more information, and to purchase, visit Xyron’s website.

Reviewed by Scott Pfeiffer

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