Cut and Assemble Haunted House front cover

Cut & Assemble Haunted House (week 5)

My journey to build my spooky replica of Matt Bergstrom’s Skorrenfold Manor, “a place well-known to juvenile delinquents, ghost hunters and thrill-seekers alike” continues. The mansion’s attic and roof are this week’s focus.

Attic Floor Installation

Laying down the attic floor was the first order of business. First the exterior end walls were attached to the attic floor. Aligning the floor to the level beneath it was relatively simple using the provided instructions.

Attic floor in place

Half of the attic floor is covered with creepy illustrations while the other half is sectioned off for pieces to come later.

The attic’s interior illustrations

The images on the attic walls add to the charm of Skorrenfold Manor.

Peering into the attic

The roof was next, with its cutouts on the backside of the house allowing spooky views of those attic walls.

A scary laboratory and a small tower will both sit here

On the front side there are 2 opening on for a small tower and the other for the belvedere. I thought I had fitted the roof incorrectly at first as there is a small dip in the center of the roof line, but then I realized that this was intentional in this intricately designed model.

Who knows what really goes on in the mansion’s laboratory?
A small chimney sits next to the belvedere structure with a ghostly lever popping up through it.
Does the person in the belvedere’s window know what’s going on in the laboratory above her?

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Cut and Assemble Haunted House: Easy-to-Make Paper Model is a publication of Dover Publications and retails for $12.95 US.

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