Cut and Assemble Haunted House front cover

Cut & Assemble Haunted House (week 4)

This week I worked on the haunted house’s second floor which includes the nursery, hallway, bedroom and bathroom.

The second floor deck was a bit of a challenge because someone didn’t do a great job with the first floor pieces. The photo above shows the deck along with the nursery door and walls, along with the hallway interior.

This is a view of the haunted house’s bedroom with the bed and its inhabitants installed. There are actually small legs on the bed frame so be careful to cut them correctly.

Here’s a peek in the bathroom. Is that Janet Leigh in the shower? Although out of focus in this photo, the red blood on the mirror spells “RED(R)UM.

Next week, I’ll build the attic and finish the roofing.

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Cut and Assemble Haunted House: Easy-to-Make Paper Model is a publication of Dover Publications and retails for $12.95 US.

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