Cut and Assemble Haunted House front cover

Cut & Assemble Haunted House (week 2)

Last week I focused on the exterior of our haunted house. This time I’m going inside to work on the dungeon and rec room. Oh! Yes, there is another set of stairs…the basement stairs!

Haunted House dungeon
Haunted House Dungeon

I followed the instructions to install the dungeon, making sure to fold the tabs properly. There is an odd area of white on the left but I’m sure there will be something ghoulish to cover it. As I said in my last installment, you can use either a tacky glue or a glue runner to connect the pieces of your haunted house. It just depends on what you prefer.

Haunted house rec room
Haunted house rec room

The rec room was next. It’s actually quite simple to install. Just make sure your piece is properly aligned so white background doesn’t show. You’ll notice the forward folded tabs on both pieces. I assume that these are there to support the next floor. We’ll find out next time.

Next week, I’ll add a creepy coffin and the next floor including a living room, kitchen and dining room.

Cut and Assemble Haunted House: Easy-to-Make Paper Model is a publication of Dover Publications and retails for $12.95 US.

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