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STICKII Club Collection

Journaling is a very popular craft for many of us, but not all of us are artsy enough to hand draw our own cute illustrations to accompany our verbiage. We have discovered help! Introducing the STICKII Club Collection.

The STICKII Club Collection is a monthly sticker subscription for sticker and stationery lovers. (STICKII is a combination of “sticker” and “kawaii,”…Japanese for “cute.”) For a $10/month subscription, you’ll receive a package of 6+ Sticker Sheets, one Paper Clip, one Sticker Flakes Bag, one STICKII Notepad, one Stationary Item and one STICKII A5-sized Folio.

STICKII Club Collection
STICKII Pack Items

The three packages to choose from are Cute Pack, Retro Pack and Mod Pack. 

  • Cute Pack is for those of you wanting “(m)ore cuteness than you ever thought could be stuffed in one package!”
  • Retro Pack is for those of you who “love things a bit more on the vintage side.”
  • Pop Pack for those of you who want “something unique and apart from the norm but still very cool.”

I personally like the choices and variety of the Pop Pack, but there is absolutely something for everyone. In this example I used both Pop Pack and Retro Pack stickers that compliment these Gratitude Journal entries.

STICKII Club Collection
Gratitude Journal Page

Available accessories include washi tapes and folio sets with color coordinated rings and elastic bands to organize your stickers.

STICKII Club Collection
Washii Tapes and Folio Set

To place your subscription order visit the STICKII Club website.

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