Everyday Sun Catcher Kit - Beginner

Gallery Glass Everyday Sun Catcher Kit

I’ve always been a fan of stained glass work, especially those designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. So, when I received a Gallery Glass Everyday Sun Catcher Kit, which is supposed to simulate stained glass, to try out, I thought…let’s make Frank proud!

Missing Element

I found an image of one of Wright’s windows online and printed it in black & white as a template. The kit’s printed instructions indicate that the kit includes a Leading Blank, which was not in my kit. This Leading Blank is what you’re supposed put your image under and apply the Simulated Liquid Leading and Window Colors on. I found an inexpensive picture frame at Big Lots and used that instead.

Simulated Stained Glass Sun Catcher How 1
Window design under glass

Try the included images

I highly recommend trying a simple design first! The set includes some very simple, fun images, including a cactus, rainbow and travel trailer. My more complex image included many long straight lines and required extensive leading application and, after a while, my hands were tired and cramping! Once I finished the “leading,” the piece was set aside to dry for 8 hours.

Simulated Stained Glass Sun Catcher How 2
Leading applied to design

About 5 hours later I noticed that the “leading” was shrinking. This is not addressed in the instructions so be aware. I also became aware of my uneven application of the leading but hoped that it just made the sun catcher look more “handmade.”

After the leading dried for 8 hours I flooded various areas between the leading lines with the Window Colors. I found that squeezing the bottle too much when applying will cause overspray and bubbles. Unfortunately there was no indication of how much Window Color to apply so I guessed.

Simulated Stained Glass Sun Catcher How 3
Add color by flooding areas with Window Color

Once I’d finished with the Window Colors, I let the piece dry over night. In the morning I went about peeling the sun catcher from the glass…

My leading application was too thin and uneven

Craft Fail!

Due to my uneven leading application, the sun catcher came apart in several locations. I’m hoping the “leading blank” releases the finished product easier, because my glass base did not. In fact, when I peeled back the red flooded circle, some of the Window Color remained on the glass.

Lesson learned: Keep It Simple Stupid!

If you’d like to learn more about Plaid’s Gallery Glass Everyday Sun Catcher Kit, click here.

Reviewed by Scott Pfeiffer

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