Colorful Parasol Pendant

Colorful Parasol Pendant

This colorful pendant, with its bold pattern and hints of a parasol, is an homage to Petra Nemravova’s Parasol Earrings. I really liked the popping colors and fun, irregular shapes. You can create this color parasol pendant in any color combination that appeals to you.

Project Materials


Color Fan Pendant How 1
Colorful Parasol Pendant How 1

Combine equal amounts of red and translucent clay. Condition clay using clay machine, then roll out ending on third setting. Repeat with four more colors.

Color Fan Pendant How 2 and 3
Colorful Parasol Pendant How 2 and 3

Using clay knife, cut 2” x 1/2” rectangles. Cut each rectangle diagonally in half to create parasol blades.

Color Fan Pendant 4 and 5
Colorful Parasol Pendant 4 and 5

To fuse parasol blades together, place parchment paper over fan and roll clay roller over fan using slight pressure.

Cut a circle from another piece of clay to create pendant backing.

Use clay tool to create small divots on parasol blades (you can also use small circle clay cutter, or pen cap, to create circles.)

Color Fan Pendant 6 and 7
Colorful Parasol Pendant 6 and 7

Flip parasol over and place clay circle on back of parasol. This will keep the blades together.

Cut half circle from pointed end of parasol.

Color Fan Pendant How 8
Colorful Parasol Pendant How 8

Using clay tool, create a 1/4” to 1/2” long hole in cut out half circle. (You’ll later glue eye pin in this hole.)

Preheat oven to 275 degrees. Bake parasol on hollow bead maker. (Don’t try to bend blades over bead shape. Let it droop in the oven.) Let cool completely.

Cover entire pendant with sealer of your choice.

Thread eye pin through large focal bead and glue to pendant.

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