Veneered Pendant with Teardrop Dangle

I found a cool technique for creating veneers on Pinterest and decided to give veneer creation a try. The shape and finish of this veneered pendant is similar to the one I found online, the colors are of my own choosing.

Project Materials

  • Premo! Sculpey®
  • Sculpey®
  • Gold Head Pin
  • Clay Knife
  • Clay Cutters
    • Circle (1-3/4″)
    • Teardrop (3/4″)
  • Clay Machine
  • Clay Roller
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Ceramic Tiles for Creation and Baking


Veneered Pendant How 1

Cut 1/2 Oz. of blue clay. Condition clay in clay machine on widest setting.

Cut clay into four sections. Roll each into 6 inch tube. Repeat with three other colors.

Veneered Pendant How 2

Alternate 2 tubes of each color in a row and then roll up into single tube.

Veneered Pendant How 3

Roll tube until in forms a single tube. Twist tube like a candy cane. (You can cut off the ends at this point if you wish.)

Veneered Pendant How 4

Fold tube in half. Compress tube and roll into a single tube. Using clay roller, roll tube flat enough to fit in clay machine on largest setting.

Veneered Pendant How 5

Roll flattened clay through clay machine. (If you roll it through several times, make sure to keep the stripes perpendicular to the machine rollers.)

Cut out circle using 1-3/4″ inch circle cutter. Cut circle in half with clay knife. (I’m showing two circles to display cutting options.)

Condition another piece of fuchsia clay and roll out using #2 setting. Cut another 1-3/4″ circle. Cut circle in half. Lay solid and patterned half circles on base clay.

Lightly roll clay to close seam.

Veneered Pendant How 7

Place plastic wrap over clay and cut out 1-3/4″ circle. Use teardrop cutter to cut hole near top of pendant. Make a small hole at opposite end of pendant and at tip of teardrop with pointed end of Etch ‘n Pearl tool.

Bake both pieces per manufacturer’s instructions. Cool completely.

Sand and buff pendant and teardrop then brush several coats of gloss glaze on both. Attach tear drop to pendant with head pin.

Designed by Scott Pfeiffer

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