Origami of the Sea

Origami of the Sea

I will be the first to admit, creating origami is not one of my strengths. I don’t really have the patience it takes to create folded paper art pieces. That being said, Origami of the Sea is a lovely craft book with 8 DIY projects and 200 sheets of gorgeous paper.

Origami of the Sea Illustration 1
Techniques Project Instructions

Originally published in Switzerland, this version is an unabridged English translation. The instructions are clear and concise, including Choosing paper, How to fold and several well-illustrated pages of Techniques. The eight projects, including Blue Whale, Penguin, Squid and Small Boat, are well-illustrated and, for those of you with patience, easy to follow. I chose to fold the Common Eagle Ray, but my three attempts left me baffled. I thought I did each one exactly as instructed but reached a step that I couldn’t get past.

Origami of the Sea Illustration 2
Origami of the Sea includes 200 sheets of folding paper

The sheets of folding paper included in the book are beautiful and varied. My one note there is that, because the sheets need to be successfully removed for folding, the entire book tends to fall apart as you navigate through its pages. I wish they had found a way to secure the project pages so they aren’t easily mixed up.

Origami of the Sea is a publication of Dover Publications and retails for $9.95US.

Review by Scott Pfeiffer

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