Beautiful Press-Out Flying Butterflies Cover

Beautiful Press-Out Flying Butterflies

A “super bloom” of wildflowers has attracted millions of Painted Lady butterflies to swarm Southern California in recent weeks. I was out walking my dogs when a swarm of these delicate little creatures rode the breeze through my neighborhood. It was beautiful. What a wonderful coincidence that I had just received my review copy of Beautiful Press-Out Flying Butterflies, a gorgeous book containing twenty four “scrupulously accurate” butterfly images, descriptions of each, along with folding instructions.

Painted Lady Butterfly Page
This illustration is much larger than the actual butterfly

Created by Richard Merrill, a former aerospace design engineer, Beautiful Press-Out Flying Butterflies is a great resource for those interested in learning how to identify the butterflies around them, learn a little more about the world around us and have a little fun along the way. I learned that the Painted Ladies I had been enjoying are common across the United States, Northern Mexico and Southern Canada. I learned that Monarchs’ favorite food is milkweed, which make these creatures taste bitter, thus keeping predators away. And, sadly, I learned that  the Diana Fritillary,  found from Missouri to Georgia, are dying out because of human development.

Butterfly Folding Instructions
Assembly instructions are detailed but easy to understand.

Each butterfly page has an assembly illustration. You’ll need scotch tape and a nickel for each flyer. I assembled my Monarch butterfly and took it outside for a test flight. It flew as promised and I can see where this would be a great activity for those of you with children or grandchildren. 

I highly recommend Beautiful Press-Out Flying Butterflies for anyone interested in butterflies, nature and creativity. It is a publication of Dover Publications and retails for $9.99US.

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