Squished Clay Necklace

Squished Bead Necklace

I was surfing the web looking for new polymer clay ideas and happened upon a video tutorial from Helen Breil Designs. I decided that I would like to try this technique designing a necklace for a family member. “Squished Bead” in the name comes from the fact that I used one of JudiKins’ wonderful Clay Squishers to give the beads their texture.

Project Materials

  • Sculpey III®
  • DecoArt®
  • JudiKins®
  • 4mm Tan Beads
  • Clay Machine
  • Acrylic Clay Roller
  • Clay Cutters
  • Frosted Pearl Clear Topcoat Spray
  • Jewelry Wire
  • Two (2) Barrel Clasps
  • Two (2) Crimp Tubes
  • Jewelry Pliers
  • Plastic Wrap


Squished Bead Necklace How 1
Squished Bead Necklace How 1

Condition clay using clay machine, rolling clay out on widest setting.

Squished Bead Necklace How 2
Squished Bead Necklace How 2

Trim edges using clay knife. Cut into 1-3/4” widths.

Squished Bead Necklace How 3
Squished Bead Necklace How 3

Lay Clay Squishier on work surface. Place a clay piece on desired pattern. 

Using clay roller, press clay piece into pattern. Remove clay from Clay Squisher. Repeat creating desired number of pieces. (I made 14 beads for this project.)

Squished Bead Necklace How 4
Squished Bead Necklace How 4

Apply Metallic Lustre to raised portions of each clay piece. (I found using my finger the best option.) Let dry for several hours.

Fold clay piece over on itself and press edges together. Make sure you leave a roundish opening at fold to accommodate stringing.

Squished Bead Necklace How 5
Squished Bead Necklace How 5

Lay plastic wrap over folded clay piece. (This will create softened edge.) 

Use clay shape cutter (I used a teardrop shape), position cutter to create your desired shape and press firmly. Gently smooth cut edges together using your finger. Repeat with remaining clay pieces.

Squished Bead Necklace How 6
Squished Bead Necklace How 6

Once you have created all of your folded beads, bake per manufacturers instructions.

String beads and suspend in cardboard box. Spray with Clear Topcoat Spray. (I sprayed three light coats on each side.) Let dry.

String beads, alternating clay and tan beads. Attach barrel clasp parts to each end with crimp tubes.

Designed by Scott Pfeiffer

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