Let it Sparkle Holiday Card

Let it Sparkle Holiday Card

This year I decided I wanted to make holiday cards that were somewhat unique and fun. Glitter was still on my mind from last week’s project, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to be cleaning up more errant glitter, so I decided to try die cutting glitter scrapbook card stock. With my 40% off coupon in hand, I walked into my local big box craft store and found a package of their branded glitter card stock.

Project Materials


  • Print your messages on one or both sides of card stock. (I chose to use my printer because I am making many cards but you can hand letter your cards if you’re more comfortable doing that.)
Let it Glitter Holiday Card
Assembled pieces
  • Die cut two sizes of poinsettia leaves out of red card stock.
  • Die cut berries from yellow card stock.
  • Die cut two sizes of holiday trees from blue card stock.
Let it Sparkle Holiday Tree
Layering your poinsettia
  • Apply Crafter’s Tape to the back of the largest set poinsettia leaves and adhere to front of card. Continue layering with second set of leaves and finally one of the yellow berries.
  • Finally, apply Crafter’s tape to back of each tree and adhere to inside of card.
Let it Sparkle Holiday Card 3
It’s ready for your personal message!

Designed by Scott Pfeiffer

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