The Craft Kingdom

The Craft Kingdom

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned crafter, Eli Maor’s The Craft Kingdom is a wonderful resource for creative minds. With over ninety DIY, craft and art projects and helpful craft basics and tips, The Craft Kingdom is essential for anyone needing a little extra inspiration.

Newbies will appreciate the basics including “Things To Get Started With,” “Creating Colors” and “Creating Shades.” The later two may seem simple, but who doesn’t need a color mixing cheat sheet every once in a while? Maor also explores painting styles including Freehand, Ombre, Texture, Vintage, Geometric and more.

Nature Craft page
Nature Craft page

I found one of Maor’s tips insightful – you don’t necessarily have to make a beeline to your local craft store to get a project started. Look around your home for items that you no longer use or appreciate for inspiration. And look to nature – branches, flower branches, leaves, shells and wood are just a few of the items you can turn into art.

Flowery Branches and Pets Necklace
Flowery Branches and Pets Necklace pages

I recommend The Craft Kingdom to anyone wanting to explore their own creativity. It will inspire you to create. Whether it be stamps, soaps, candles, jewelry, repurposing, fabric, buttons or even toilet paper roll art, there is something for just about everyone.

The Craft Kingdom is a publication of AAHR Offset, Ltd. and available for $28.30 on Amazon.

Reviewed by Scott Pfeiffer

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