Make Your Own Press-Out Spaceships

Make Your Own Press-Out Spaceships

I’ve been fascinated with spaceships ever since I watched the premiere of Star Trek with my brother in our family’s den in 1966. And yes, my favorite movie is Star Wars: A New Hope, the first in the series. So when I was given an opportunity to “discover the marvels of space” and review Make Your Own Press-Out Spaceships, I was intrigued.

Granted, Make Your Own Press-Out Spaceships is geared for the juvenile market, but it does do a good job of educating while entertaining. Young readers will learn space and space travel “fun facts” and about humankind’s curiosity about both. Spaced throughout the book are the four press-out spaceship models, including a Rocket, a Spacecraft, a planetary Rover and a futuristic faster-than-light Spaceship. Make Your Own Press-Out Spaceships has been cleverly designed so that, after removing the models, the book remains intact.

As the intrepid reviewer, I attempted to assemble the Rocket. My first attempt involved using a tape runner which turned out to be a mistake. The adhesive wasn’t strong enough to hold the rolled and folded pieces together. After all of my rocket part seams popped open, I tried using a hot glue gun. This was much more effective. I do recommend close supervision if you decide to use a hot glue. It burns and it hurts, trust me!

Scott's Rocket
Scott’s Rocket

My resulting model came out a little funky but, considering the target audience for these whimsical paper spaceships, I think it’s just right.

Make Your Own Press-Out Spaceships was originally published by NuiNui, a trademark of Snake SA, in Switzerland, and later translated into English and published by Dover Publications in the US. Make Your Own Press-Out Spaceships retails for $12.99.

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