Finished Bed

Moochi’s Pet Bed

Last week I made Moochi, my rescue Maltese,  a dog bed from DIY Projects for Cats and Dogs. This week I’m showing you how I finished it.

Project Materials

Project Instructions

  1. I painted the inside and outside surfaces with Sand Dollar paint. I painted two coats because I constructed my bed with particle board and it required multiple coast for full coverage.

    Moochi's Pet Bed base paint
    Moochi’s Pet Bed base paint
  2. I painted the left outside panel with the Tangerine paint and the right side with the Turquoise paint.

    Moochi's Pet Bed Sides
    Moochi’s Pet Bed Sides
  3. I then removed and painted the legs with Golden Glow paint.

    Moochi's Pet Bed Painted Feet
    Moochi’s Pet Bed Painted Feet
  4. To finish the edges of each board, I applied the 5/8” jute ribbon with craft glue and staples.

    Finished Moochi Bed
    Finished Moochi Bed

After everything was completely dry, I placed the pet mattress I purchased from in the bed and now, Moochi has his very own little throne. He seems to like it??

Designed by Scott Pfeiffer

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